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Navigating the complexities of mortgage servicing requires a keen understanding of the intricate processes and regulations that govern the industry. At Stubbs & Perdue, we recognize the challenges homeowners face when dealing with mortgage servicers who are more focused on collection than customer service. We are adept at dissecting federal and state mortgage servicing laws and will fiercely advocate for your rights.

Understanding Mortgage Servicing

A breach of contract occurs when one or more parties to a contract fails to fulfill the obligations outlined in a legally binding agreement. This breach can involve various scenarios such as non-payment, failure to provide services, or violation of specific contractual terms.

Whether it’s correcting servicing errors or defending against wrongful foreclosures, we are dedicated to ensuring your mortgage loan is serviced fairly and accurately. Contact us to protect your home and secure the peace of mind you deserve.

Foreclosure Defense 

Foreclosure of property may occur when a party defaults on the terms of the mortgage loan.  Foreclosure requires compliance with certain North Carolina and federal laws.  The foreclosure process is very time sensitive.  It is imperative that you contact an experienced attorney to discuss your options.

Stubbs & Perdue has experience defending clients against wrongful foreclosure.  We understand that you worked hard to acquire your property. The attorneys at Stubbs & Perdue will review the promissory note, deed of trust, and any loan modification.  We will review your mortgage loan account for mistakes and errors and make appropriate recommendations.

Common Challenges in Mortgage Servicing

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Navigating mortgage servicing is fraught with challenges.  Mortgage servicers focused on collection often neglect borrowers facing payment difficulties. This detachment can lead to issues such as misapplied payments or improper fees.  The industry is well known for subpar customer service which further heightens homeowner stress. 

Our legal experience in mortgage servicing law enables us to help borrowers address mortgage errors and ensure that servicers adhere to the latest borrower protection regulations. At Stubbs & Perdue, we understand that you worked hard to acquire your home and strive to preserve your homeownership.  We will fight for correcting mortgage loan account errors, challenge unwarranted fees, and help prevent wrongful foreclosures.


Facing Mortgage issues?

If you’re grappling with mortgage servicing issues, taking swift and informed action is crucial. We understand that tackling these challenges alone can be daunting. By enlisting the help of a dedicated law firm like Stubbs & Perdue, you gain advocates with a robust understanding of the federal and state mortgage servicing laws

Our attorneys are focused on your rights as a homeowner.  We can meticulously analyze your mortgage situation, help identify servicing inaccuracies, and demand accountability from mortgage servicers. 

At Stubbs & Perdue, we don’t just offer legal advice—we stand by your side, fighting to correct mortgage loan account errors, challenge unwarranted fees, and help prevent wrongful foreclosures.

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